Endo-Skills Seminar


we invite you to experience detailed assessment of neoplastic lesions with new generation HD-Endoscopes and focused 50- to 80-fold ZOOM of surface and microvascular patterns on virtual and real chromoendoscopy - to understand three major advancements in gastrointestinal endoscopy:

  • Endoscopic diagnosis with excellent accuracy - of small and tiny early neoplasias including extent of submucosal invasion and lateral extension,
  • Decision making on endoscopic or surgical resection of mucosal neoplasias, and 
  • Curative En-bloc resection of mucosal early cancers /  precursor lesions.
This expert meeting focuses on how to learn HD-endoscopic staging of mucosal neoplasias, and strategies for Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection.        




Frieder Berr, Salzburg, AT
Rainer Schöfl, Linz, AT
Thierry Ponchon, Lyon, FR
Hans Seifert, Oldenburg, DE 


Contact (for 2017)




8 DFP (ID: 569225) 


Next Skills Seminar

02.06.2017, Programme pending
10.06.2016, Programme, online version


Previous dates

  • 26.06.2015
  • 06.06.2014
  • 08.06.2013
  • 02.06.2012
  • 29.05.2011
  • 10.06.2010
  • 11.07.2009

Please visit http://endoscopy.zup-media.com/ for online versions of these events.


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